Alside is also a supplier of Slawek Improvements' choice for gutter systems materials.  Their Aluminum Rainware Systems offers excellent quality and unmatched color selection.  The “stock” material is corrosion-resistant, and features a finished side coated with a durable, baked linear polyester finish, providing optimal dirt and stain resistance. The thickness of the wall (.032") makes the gutter sturdy and durable, withstanding strong winds and the weight of rain water or icicles in the winter.  With Alside's ColorConnect® Color Matching System, the entire rain carrying system can match the existing vinyl siding and trim so it blends perfectly with your home.

In order to achieve seamless connections, all the gutter system materials are cut to order by the distibutor and delivered in long pieces. The gutter system is fabricated onsite to meet the flow requirements applicable to the surface of the roof.  Quality components used in fabrication include: corners, outlets, downspouts, end caps and extensions.

Gutters efficiency and positioning of the downsputs must be carefully designed so the entire system not only can handle the strongest rainfalls, but also allows for proper and convenient disposal of the water and altogether adheres with aesthetic design of the exterior of your house.

A very important feature of any gutter system is leaf and debris protection.  Proper selection and installation of leaf guards helps keep the gutter system clean and efficient.  In the long run, this prevents potential problems with basement flooding, foundations cracking, excessive moisture penetrating basement walls and deteriorating the drywall, as well as build-up of potentially unhealthy mold.  The two types of gutter guards most often installed by Slawek Improvements are displayed below.

Diamond Gutter Shield

  • Available for 5” and 6” K-style gutters using popular hanger choices.
  • Can be installed with Asphalt, Tile or Metal roof systems.
  • Low Profile offers sleek appearance.
  • Handles the heaviest rainfall and wind shear.
  • Integrated Drip lip reduces tiger striping & cleaning of gutters.
  • Usually available in white or brown.
  • Typically most economical leaf protection solution.

WaterFall Gutter Guard System

  • High performance PVC gutter protection.
  • Two drain channel handle up to 10 inches of rainfall per hour.
  • No fasteners or tools needed. The guard fits under the shingle and snaps on the front of the gutter.
  • Each panel measures 48" x 6-5/8".
  • Made for 5" and 6" K style aluminum gutters.
  • Available white or clay.
  • The WaterFall™ Gutter Guard System does requires special installation angles for proper performance.

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