Slawek Improvements Workmanship Warranty

Slawek Improvements covers their work with a 3-year labor warranty on all services.

If any problem arises, you should contact us immediately at 847.518.9595 or email us at Please be sure to describe the nature of the issue, provide your phone number and the best time to contact you.  You can also use the contact form on the contact page of this  website.  We will dispatch a service associate within 2-3 days after we receive your message.  Emergency calls are often handled within 24 hours.  In most cases, we can resolve the problem on the spot.  If additional parts or materials must be ordered, we will make temporary repairs and schedule the final visit after parts are received – typically within 1-2 weeks.  Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Alside Window Systems Lifetime Limited Warranty With Transfreability Provisions

Alside, the Manufacturer of Alside Vinyl Window Systems, makes available to the Original Purchaser / Present Property Owner the Lifetime Limited Warranty, warranting the Alside Vinyl Window System for as long as the Property Owner shall own and live in the property at the stated property address, from date of Window or patio door installation, under normal use and service, against specified defects in material and workmanship of the Alside Vinyl Window System, occurring as a direct result of the manufacturing process, and subject to the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty.

Lifetime Limited Warranty - Vinyl Sash Frame and Vinyl Main Frame

For as long as the Original Purchaser / Present Property Owner shall own and live in the property, the rigidized vinyl in the window/patio door sash frames and in the window/patio door main frame of the basic window unit will be warranted against cracking, warping, peeling, flaking, blistering or corroding.

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Moving Parts of the Basic Window Unit

The moving parts of the basic window unit, consisting of the balance to raise and lower the window sash or the brass wheels to slide the sash, and locking mechanism to secure the window or patio door sash, are all warranted for as long as the Original Purchaser / Present Property Owner shall own and live in the property.

Lifetime Limited Warranty - Fiber Glass Screening and Screen Frame

The fiber glass screening material used in the window/patio door screen and the material for manufacturer of the screen frames are warranted against maufacturing defects resulting in rotting or rusting, for as long as the Original Purchaser / Present Property Owner shall own and live in the property.  Should such a manufacturing defect occur, the Manufacturer agrees to furnish new screen material or new screen frame material to the Property Owner, transportation charges payable by the Property Owner.

Lifetime Limited Warranty - Insulating Glass Unit

The hermetically-sealed insulated glass unit of the Alside Vinyl Window/Patio Door System is warranted for as long as long as the Original Property Owner shall own and live in the property from date of window installation against development of material obstruction of vision occurring from manufacturing defects, resulting from film formation or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces, caused by failure of the hermetic seal, under conditions of normal use and service.

Alside Vinyl Window Systems Limited Warranty Transferable to Successor Owner

The Limited Warranty for Alside Vinyl Window System is transferable one time by the Original Purchaser to the successor owner of the property, within the first thirty (30) years from date of window installation. Upon transfer, the transferred warranty period shall be limited to the unexpired remaining portion of such thirty (30) years from date of window installation, and shall not be further transferable.

In event of property transfer, or hermetic seal failure, the sunsequent owner will be responsible for charges based on the following schedule:

0 - 10 Years No Charge
11 - 15 Years 50%
16 - 20 Years 70%
21 - 25 Years 80%
25+ Years 90%

The basis for computing the cost of material for repair or replacement shall be current market prices.

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